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Welcome to the Hailey's On It! Wiki! a wiki dedicated to the animated comedy-adventure series Hailey's On It!, which is a Disney Channel original series that premiered on June 8, 2023.

The series follows Hailey Banks, a risk-averse but resourceful teenager on a mission to complete every item on her long list of challenging (and sometimes impractical) tasks in order to save the world. Hailey will be pushed outside her comfort zone to discover the greatness within as she systematically conquers her fears, whether she is winning a sand-building competition, wrestling a honey badger, eating a raw onion, or facing her ever-growing and complicated feelings toward her best friend, Scott.

Anyone interested in the series are welcome to contribute and help this wiki grow! We welcome all things related to Hailey's On It!. Just make sure you read the rules first!
Season 1
Hailey's On It!
The Beginning of the Friend

Season 1

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Hailey's On It!

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The Beginning of the Friend

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Season 1
Hailey's On It!
The Beginning of the Friend
Warning: This wiki contains spoilers, read at you own risk!

About the Show
As 14-year-old Hailey Banks tries to save the world, the list – along with other astute discoveries – play a part in that story. The items on the list range from the silly (“Teach a cat to play the piano.”), to the sweet (“Kissing Scott Denoga.”) to the practical (“Using earwax to make a candle.”). Hailey will also learn morals, bridging the curriculum takeaway and the heart of each story having awareness of themselves as individuals within and part of a broader society.




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